Komori LSX-629 LED H-UV Foil Embosing Debossing Die cu (2008)


Age: 2008
Max.Size: 74 x 58 cm (29 x 22 inch)
Colors: 6
Impress.Count: 66 mio

Extras: Autoplate - Digital Controls - Touch-screen Control - Coater - Autosize - Dryer - CIP


Type / model LSX-629
Year of production 01/2008
The course of the machine 66 mln
Printing specification
Max. mechanical printing speed 16 000 sheets/h
tempering of ink rollers
two independent water cooling systems
APC, or automatic disc change
automatic ink system for inkers agitators
One UV interdeck and three UV lamps at the end
UV Print Tak
LED H-UV Print
Printing stock
Max. sheet size 610x750 mm
Min. sheet size 297x420 mm
Max. print format 585x740 mm
Thickness 0,04-0,8 mm
Plates & blankets
Offset plates 660x760 mm
Coating blanket 770x768 mm
Varnish blanket 770x768 mm
Printing units 6 1
Printing units - varnish 1

Located: Europe Western

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