Man-Roland 505 LV Straight Varnishing (2005)


Age: 2005
Max.Size: 74 x 53 cm (29 x 20 inch)
Colors: 5
Impress.Count: 92 mio

Extras: Autoplate - Digital Controls - Touch-screen Control - Coater - Autosize - Dryer - CIP


MAN Roland 505 LV
Year 2005
Maximum Sheet size 530 x 740mm
15,000 SPH
Counter 92 Million
Double Sheet cleaner
Technorans Chiller
Ink temp contro
PPL Power Plate Loading
Premium Control desk
Graphometronic densitometer
Colour Pilot
Premium Format change
Automatic Washups
Tower Coater
Grafix Cantronic Powder Spray
Roland Grafix IR-/ TL-dryer
Roland Airglide
High pile delivery
Digital control of the power of all the compressors

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