MINOMAT-e Screen Printing

MINOMAT-e Screen Printing

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・ Success in energy saving

・ Various model for selection

・ User friendly operation system

・ Low operating noise

・ Space saving

・ Frame changing can be speed up by air cylinder

・ Inverter control of squeegee and unique slide mechanism for smooth running and variable speed

・ Squeegee and flood coater printing pressure is switch by powerful and reliable air cylinder method

・ Squeegee stroke is simple slide type proximity switch

・ Ink wiper as standard equipment

・ Safety unit with frame sensor and large emergency button for double safety

・ Simple location registration with double table mechanism

・ Firm stainless table surface

Max. printing area *1000×1200Max.

frame size(outer)1350×1500

Min. frame size(outer)850×790

Substrate thickness0~50Peel-off0~25

Max. printing quantity **1000800700

Squeegee, flood coater speed100~900

Alignment micro adjustment±10

・ Squeegee Pressure Mechanical Equalizer (SPME) enables automatic squeegee pressure setting.

・ Two pass print(2 times printing)

・ 2 cycle print(open and close frame for 2 times printing)

・ Digital display for squeegee speed

・ Ink scooping unit(non- coated)

・ Diagonal squeegee(Type A, Type B)

・ Automatic discharge device


ManufacturerMimomat E
ModelMimomat E
Stock Number883910