Ryobi 524 GE | 2008


Ryobi 524 GE | 2008

Sofia, Bulgaria


Age: 2008

Max.Size: 52 x 38 cm (20 x 14 inch)

Current State: In production

Colors: 4

Impress.Count: 52 mio

Extras: | Autoplate | Ink Remote Control | Touch-screen Control | Autosize | Dryer | CIP


Impressions - 52 mln

Max size – 520x375

Min size – 100x105

Max speed - 11000 s/h

Sheet thickness – 0,04-0,5

Dampening RYOBI-matic

Semi automatic plate change

Automatic blanket, roller washers

Low delivery - 40cm

IR dryer

Powder sprayer


Stream feeder

· Technotrans Alfa d5 cooling and circulation control device

RYOBI PCS-JX main control panel with touch screen:

- remote control of ink pots and ink supply in the PCS system,

- the ability to record data on a magnetic carrier,

· Automatic inking program - RYOBI Inking program

· Semi-automatic plate change - RYOBI Semi-RPC

· Remote micro-regulation with registers: longitudinal, transverse and oblique

from the panel placed on the lining

· Checking the correctness of the sheet approaching the marks

· Mechanical and photoelectric double sheet control

· Sheet skew control

· System for controlling the correct operation of individual machine components

with control monitor

· Stacking stack table

· Two stacking carts

· Deionizer

· Sheet straightening device

Ink roller washer (squeegee)

· Electronic counter of rotation and prints, 8-digit, non-resettable

· Circulation and repetition counter

· Compressor, security covers

Oil troughs under the machine, tools needed to operate the machine directly

Automatic feeding of detergent and water to the rollers of the inking system (IRCD)

Automatic blanket washer (BCD)

· GRAFIX Digital powder sprayer

· Oscillating bridge shafts

· Oscillating paint rollers

4 additional ink rollers / 1 for each unit /

RYOBI IVS - online CTP data acquisition system (CIP4 - PPF)

· Slab die cutter

IR Baldwin GS1 drying (with water cooling with circulation)


Located: Europe Eastern

Current State: In production

Available: Immediately

Price: On Request


Model524 GE
Current StateIn production
LocatedEurope Eastern
Impress.Count52 mio
PriceOn Request