KBA Rapida 105-6 L CX ALV2

KBA Rapida 105-6 L CX ALV2

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KBA Rapida 105-6 L CX ALV2 450 machine

Maximum paper size: 740x1050mm

Minimum paper size: 350x500mm

Maximum print format: 730x1040mm

Maximum speed: 16,000

Raw material thickness: 0.06-1.2mm

The height of the pile from the floor for

Overlap: 1,300mm

Linings 1,200mm

Supply voltage: 380-420V / 50Hz

Year 2013


Automatic plate changing SAPC

Venturi sheet guiding sheets controlled by ErgoTronic

Non-stop manual for the feeder

Sheet flow sensors on transmitting cylinders

Mechanical guide elements for thick cardboard boxes

Additional blowing for cardboard boxes

Automatic lowered to 1/3 of the pile height non-stop for delivery

Coating unit with HARRIS & Bruno chamber doctor blade

Pneumatic pump for supply and discharge of lacquer

Extension of ALV2 lining by two 2660mm segments

KERSTEN antistatic equipment

Paper dust extraction

Communication system between delivery and application

Ink rollers thermostating

Clean Tronic washing system - automatic, fabric washing device for rollers, rubber cylinders and impression cylinders

Additional pin for changing the fabric

Paint heating system

PowderMax powder plant with ionization and connection to the machine control panel

EES - Emission Extraction System

450mm machine height increase

KBA VariDry IR / Thermo Air / UV drying system in extended delivery for dispersion and UV varnishes

ErgoTronik Color Control - automatic color measurement and control on the console

ErgoTronic LAB - automatic in-line color saturation control in the machine using a high-resolution camera mounted on the delivery

QualiTronic ColorView - display for measurement imaging and in-line color correction

ErgoTronik ACR - automatic setting of registers on the operating console

Wallscreen for process visualization

Bracket for boards - BACHER system


ModelRapida 105-6 L CX ALV2
Max size105 x 74 cm (41 x 29 inch)
Current stateIn production
Impress Count134 mio