Versor SK 60k3 folder gluer in perfect condition (2007)


Versor SK 60k3 folder gluer in perfect condition (2007)

Sofia, Bulgaria


Max size: 550 x 600 mm

Located: Eastern Europe

The machine can process carton, plastic or micro flute;

Max. speed 300 m/min;

Pattern format is: Min. 70 x 90 mm / Max. 550 x 600 mm;

In option, the min. size of glued packaging is: 45 x 70 mm;

3 point gluing;

Feeder section;

Folding and gluing section;

Gluing press;

Electric pile vibrator;

Electronic control of main engine as well as feeder and press;

Automatic speed control system;

Two-nozzle computerized low pressure adhesive system;

Electronic counter coupled with a pneumatic device for counting packages of glued boxes synchronized with the speed of the machine;

Spherical mirror;

Light signal tower;

Radio control;

Limit sensors;

Oil-free compressor for glue system;

Digital mechanical position indicators;

Lower sliding support guides;

Flexible slide guides;

A set of roller guide elements;

A set of sliding guide elements;

In production.


Stock Number75442
Max.size60 x 55 cm (23 x 21 inch)