Perfect binding line KOLBUS KM 470

Perfect binding line KOLBUS KM 470

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Perfect binding line KOLBUS KM 470

 Format: 310 x 460 mm

 Year 2005

 System-Binder-Line, configured as follows:

 KOLBUS ZU 804 picking machine - 6,000 cycles / h

 - 20 stations

 - ATC (automatic section thickness control)

 - Manual feed unit at the start of the ZU (between ZU and workbook)

 - Pile elevator with air jet

 - Standing unit

 - Transfer channel with jogging station as connection unit to the filing cabinet

 - BECKER air center for the supply of compressed air, vacuum and necessary air blowing

 Perfect Binder = Ratiobinder KM 470 with 21 clamps

 - Power supply incl. coupling to the ZU collection machine

 - Spine treatment stations with

 - 1. Milling station for strip cutting and roughing

 - 2. Milling station for equalization

 - Notching station

 - Brushing station

 - Dust extraction system required for spine treatment stations

 - EVA-hotmelt back gluing unit with 2 application rollers

 - EVA-hotmelt side gluing unit

 - Reinforcement of the spine by liner station (gauze station) with cross section

 - IR heater in the curve between the gauze station and the blanket charger to extend the opening time of the hotmelt

 - Prepared for dust extraction system

 - Rotary blanket feeder with scoring station for 4 partitions

 - Additional special equipment for blankets with pre-folded and folded blankets!

 - Premelter LH-370 for pre-melting EVA hot melt glue, 75 liters, with 7m heating tube


 - 1st pinching and pressing station

 - 2nd pinching and pressing station

 - Delivery as a deposit device on the left as a connection to the cooling system = conveyor line

 - Lots of extra spare parts, extra spare clamp

 - Sharpening system for cutter-knives

 - Electrical cabinets

 - Control center

 - Documentation

 Equipment pursuit:

 Transport and cooling / drying system - approx. 30 meters

 - With redirection systems

 - Additional delivery (output) before 3-knife mower

 - Control Chamber

 KOLBUS HD 150.B high performance 3-knife mower

 - Entrance from the right

 - Integrated counter stacker (pre-stacker)

 - Spraying device

 - Prepared for a cutting waste extraction system

 - Many interchangeable cutting tables

 - Belt delivery

 - Knife changing device

 - Several sets of additional knives, partly new!

 - Electrical box

 - Accessories, parts

 - Documentation


ModelKM 470
Stock Number884087