Horizon AFC-744AKT

Horizon AFC-744AKT

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Horizon AFC-744AKT Folding Machine

Max size: 70 x 100 cm

Year of manufacture: 2010


Equipment description:

- AFC-744AKT is a combined folding machine with stack or pallet feeder. The configuration is 4 cassettes + 1 knife + 1 box + 1 knife. There is also the option of a high capacity circular power supply.

- 14 types of folding are set by simply tapping an icon for the desired pattern and entering the sheet size on a touch screen.

- All settings can be made automatically via the touch screen and by entering the required number of sheets in the calipers.

- The folding rollers are made of a combination of steel with soft polyurethane for superior grip and clear and firm folding.

- The Horizon rotary suction feed system is very fast in safely picking up a large range of paper. (40,000 sheets / hour. Parallel folding)

- The settings for up to 200 jobs can be saved for later use.

Pallet feeder unit PFU-74


Technical data:

Paper feed stack dimensions: Max. 738 (width) x 1,100 (length) mm

Min. 210 (width) x 210 (length) mm

Pallet feed paper dimensions: Max. 738 (width) x 1,100 (length) mm

Min. 210 (width) x 297 (length) mm

Paper thickness: 35 - 209 gsm

Maximum mechanical speed: 30 - 230m / min

Maximum productivity: 40,000 sheets / h parallel folding

Folding using knives 180 meters / min

14,000 coli / h - A3 (11 ”x 19”) - 8 pages Cross Fold

Adjusting the rollers: Insert the required number of sheets into the calipers.

Fold types: Parallel, short, gate type, accordion type, zigzag (4 parts), zigzag (5 parts), letter type, double parallel, 8 pages cross, 12 pages cross, zigzag cross, DL type (letter), type DL accordion, 16 pages cross

Memory: Up to 200 works

Power supply: 3 –Phase 200/220 / 400V, 50/60 Hz

Equipment size: 4,060 (length) x 1,870 (width) x 1,690 (height) mm

Conveyor size: 1,548 (length) x 848 (width) x 930 (height)


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