Eurotecnica HE 500 hot-melt perfect binder


Eurotecnica HE 500 hot-melt perfect binder


Eurotecnica HE 500 (Eurobind) hot-melt perfect binder

Year: 2004

Spine length 120 - 440 mm,

Block height 120 - 320 mm,

Block thickness 2 - 50 mm,

Max cover size: 440 × 710 mm,

Min cover size: 140 × 242 mm,

Cover material weight: 120-300 gsm

Mechanical speed: up to 500 cycles / hour.


protective light barrier at the block feed,

1 carriage (clamp) with manual adjustment to the block thickness

pneumatic opening / closing of the carriage,

built-in block jumper,

milling station with depth between 0 - 3 mm,

unit for applying hot glue to the block spine,

glue temperature adjustment 10-210 С,

glue heating timer,

side block gluing station,

vacuum feeder for covers, stack height up to 150 mm,

double creasing device for covers,

automatic block crimping table,

conveyor belt,

glue vapor extractor with carbon filter


ModelHE 500
Stock Number884040