2012 KOMORI GL-840 P H-UV

2012 KOMORI GL-840 P H-UV

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KOMORI GL-840 P H-UV , 2012

With a unwind of Mabeg (2014)

167 920 000 mio.imp

Mabeg 119 992 576 mio.imp

Max. Sheet format - 720x1030mm

Max. Surface of printing:

- one-sided printing - 710x1020mm

- Double-sided printing - 700x1020mm

Scope of the thickness of the printing substrate - 0.06 - 0.6 mm

Maximum printing speed:

- single-sided printing - 15,000 sheets / h

- Double-sided printing - 15,000 sheets / h

Stack height:

Feder -1450 mm

Delivery - 1380 mm

Remote Quality Control System PQC-S

Monitoring System Komori Management System - KMS4

PQA-S - double-sided sheet inspection

Color control system in In-Line mode

PDC-SX Spectrophotometric Reference Control integrated on the PQC control panel

Automatic washing of the paint unit

Automatic washing of rubber and cylinders (Baldwin Impact)

Automatic cleaning of clamping cylinders (Baldwin Impact)

Preset disc registries

PRESET Substrate format and thickness

Air preset

Double-diameter pressure cylinders

Double-diameter transfer cylinders

AF-APC - Fully asynchronous automatic change of plates without bending


Ultrasound double sheets control (Ultrasonic)

Electronic measuring control

Cooling system of moisturizing solution and paint spheres (Baldwin Combiliner)

H-UV drying system


ModelGL-840 P H-UV
Stock Number884038